STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL is a commercial real estate mortgage banking firm, first organized in Connecticut in 1999, since relocated to Louisiana, providing competitive commercial real estate mortgage loans on income producing commercial real estate nationwide. with short-term “bridge”, long-term “permanent” and also nationwide ground up “construction” financing.

NOTE: our construction financing is also international
We also provide letters of credit, standbys, proof of funds, etc.

STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL will originate, evaluate, price, underwrite, commit and close transactions which fit our underwriting parameters and loan requirements


The primary focus of STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL is to tailor our lending programs to suit the requirements and objectives of our borrowers:

          • We already understand the complexities of virtually all types of commercial real estate.
          • We appreciate the wide array of real estate markets nationally, with site visits conducted in over 47 states during recent years.
          • We have experience with, and access to, the full range of capital and financing available in the marketplace.
          • We have the hard-learned knowledge that comes only from also being on the borrower’s side of the table.
          • We are able to interpret our borrower’s particular business and the commercial real estate involved, including the unique objectives and requirements that relate to each loan.
          • Among our strengths is artfully structuring each loan transaction, not only to fit the parameters of our loan programs, but also to meet the requirements of most subsequent loan programs that may be realized.
          • Accordingly, we can effectively tailor our various loan programs to suit our borrower’s particular loan requirements, thereby providing a long term solution to most immediate commercial mortgage needs.


STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL is a direct lender, with the financial resources necessary to fund transactions from $2,000,000 to $200 million.

          • Our pricing is competitive, even for challenging transactions
          • Our response is prompt
          • Our decision-making is rapid
          • Our closings are timely

Our funding sources include institutional and private investors with whom we have established relationships, closing over 100 transactions in excess of $300 million. Other sources include reputable and experienced high net worth individuals and major institutions, where we are the direct source of loan funds as correspondent, as agent, or other duly authorized representative of the funding source(s) involved with each mortgage loan program.

STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL is able to provide our borrowers with unique, “one-stop” access to competitive, short-term bridge and long-term financing that may be most suitable for the project.

We do NOT lend on single family houses, agriculture, natural recourses, nor business assets of any kind outside of real estate. 


We have closed over $300 million in loans throughout the United States, on a wide range of property types since 1999. Ranging from multifamily and fractured condos in New Jersey, to apartments in Connecticut and Pennsylvania. From restaurants in Missouri and Florida, to warehouses in California and Illinois, to hotels in Arizona, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. Ranging from manufacturing plants in North Carolina to self-storage in New York. Our loan sizes have ranged from $500,000 to over $27 million. Our loans have involved both acquisition and refinance, with short term bridge, interim and long term loans. Loan purposes have included purchase and refinance, debt restructuring, DPO, repositioning, discharge from bankruptcy, debt-buy-down, foreclosure acquisition, partner buy-outs, tenant facility acquisition, major renovations and completion of construction, including single, and multi-tenant, leased, and owner-occupied, commercial real estate.


TThe chief executive of STERLING COMMERCIAL CAPITAL, has more than 30 years’ experience in virtually all aspects of commercial and multifamily investment real estate. We have successfully owned, managed, marketed and leased properties. We have developed and constructed a variety of commercial buildings. We have also been managers, borrowers, leasing and mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers. And since 1996, we have been active as direct nationwide lenders in the commercial mortgage finance business.

Brian A. Opert, Chief Executive Officer, maintaining offices in New Orleans, oversees all loan originations, evaluations, underwriting and loan documentation. He has been active as a commercial real estate developer and property owner, and as a senior executive handling retail and commercial leasing, sales and commercial property management throughout New England.

He was the senior executive of the property management department for Cushman and Wakefield of Connecticut, Inc.; a principal responsible for medical office building development and construction assignments for W. J. Barney Construction Company, Inc. of New York; has been an independent commercial mortgage broker as well as the senior executive heading commercial mortgage lending offices, sequentially, for two established nationwide lenders. Opert has been a licensed real estate broker and certified property manager for almost 30 years.

Early in his career, Opert was appointed by the Massachusetts Governor  as the Director of Affordable Housing Programs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and prior to that appointment, was appointed by the Mayor of Boston as a member of the senior staff of the Boston Housing Authority.

Opert earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Bridgeport, and his Master’s degree from the University of Maryland School of Social Work and Community Planning. Opert has been a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts, The Boston Architectural College, Tulane University, Southern University of New Orleans, and also a Design Jury Member with Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

          • Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA©)
          • Real Estate Broker’s License, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
          • Real Estate Broker’s License, State of New York
          • Certified Property Manager (CPM©)