Apartment Loans - Long Term - Letters of Credit (SBLC)

Office/Flex/Hotel/Storage/C-store/Auto - Long Term

Bridge - Hard Money - Non-Recourse - Construction Loans





Sterling Commercial Capital is a commercial real estate mortgage banker making loans both nationwide and internationally. We offer a wide range of wholesale and conventional first mortgage commercial loans both as a direct lender (bridge, hard money and construction) and as a correspondent (bank-style, CMBS and HUD conventional financing).

    •       Bridge loans for hard-to-finance transactions– non-recourse as well as full personal recourse, including owner-occupied, single tenant as well as multi-tenant commercial properties, multifamily, hotels, self-storage and special purpose. $2 million minimum. US only.

    • Conventional long term non-recourse financing – CMBS loanfor quality borrowers with quality, stabilized, income producing, commercial and multifamily properties.  $2 million minimum. US only.

Conventional long term full-recourse financing – for a wide range of stabilized, income producing, commercial properties including many types. $2 million minimum. US only.

Construction financing – conventional and private money – full-recourse- for a wide range of commercial properties. $5 million minimum- US and International.

Land loans – full recourse, and only if supplemented with another income producing property to cover the debt service. $2 million minimum. US Only.

Mortgage Notes – financing and purchase. Using the bridge loan programs (above) we finance the acqusiiton of Notes by the sponsors or on behalf of a thrid parrty buyer. We also buy Notes.

Letters of Credit and Proof of Funds – we offer a variety of such instruments serving a range of such services.

We do NOT make the following types of loans:

Single family – owner or investor purchase, refi, or construction (1 to 4 units is a SFH deal.)

Church loans and other not-for-profit sponsors

Stated and low doc loans

Loans for acquiring/refinancing  properties outside of the US (except ground up construction)

Present Market Volatility...
Due to present market volatility, programs change from day to day. Please contact us via email about your transaction to ensure the program is still available, or if more recent programs or terms apply.

Our strength…
Our strength is in structuring transactions so they qualify not only for our specialized short term loan programs, but also become eligible for appropriate conventional long term financing at the end of our specially tailored bridge loans.